Vehicle tracking and GPS systems

Vehicle Tracking

We operate on a global level and offer bespoke services supplying, fitting and monitoring a variety of GPS vehicle tracking systems.

PSCI Merit strive to meet all specifications using cellular, GPS and internet technologies. Combining cutting edge technology we pride ourselves in developing both a tracking and mapping solution designed to meet the specific requirements of individual clients needs.

Whatever type of tracking you need whether it is vehicle or employee tracking, it is essential to have good visibility of one your most valuable assets – your workforce. Do you need to know the whereabouts and movements of your personal vehicle, spouse, staff and goods in transit or company vehicles? Are these issues a major concern? If so PSCI Merit has the solution for you.

PSCI Merit are able to offer a specialised system for safeguarding and keeping track of vehicles, equipment and personnel. Various discreet GPS Tracking devices are deployed and are constantly being monitored and reviewed as new products are developed and come onto the market.

We supply GPS tracking devices that can be used for many applications including vehicle tracking, personal tracking, covert tracking, mobile tracking, pet tracking and more.

GPS vehicle tracking is an extremely cost efficient method of monitoring and tracking the movement of vehicles. We use the latest covert electronic satellite devices which can be fitted discreetly without raising any suspicion by the driver. Companies who have employees who could be at risk need to ensure they have security systems in place to protect their safety. Discreet Personal Tracking GPS devices are comfortable to wear and can ensure the employee can be monitored whenever necessary. These units transmit a signal via satellite and can be monitored and recorded on the internet by our own mapping system. Tracking devices can also be fitted in packages and equipment.

Our mapping systems enable our clients to monitor and analyse the movement and location of vehicles, equipment, packages and personnel. We use the most up to date systems which allow us a complete service to our clients adapting to their specific needs.

Our system can monitor vehicles 24 hours a day and provides a detailed report of times, routes and locations. It provides useful information to businesses regarding the use of fleet and company vehicles. GPS tracking devices record the location of the ‘item’ at regular intervals and can be stored in the tracking device or be transferred to a database or sent via the Internet and using our mapping solution for a visual display of location/movement.

Covert Vehicle Tracking

PSCI Merit also offer Covert Vehicle Tracking services, which are discreet and small in size. They are able to be fitted to vehicles without the driver’s knowledge and tracked using our online Mapping system.

Using GPS tracking devices will prove invaluable to your company by improving security, planning and best use of personnel and equipment and above all peace of mind knowing you have taken the necessary steps for the smooth and efficient running of your company. It is also useful in matrimonial investigations.

GPS tracking is relatively inexpensive and can be done over a longer period of time. It allows you to know the location of a vehicle without having to pay an hourly rate to an investigator.

Vehicle Tracking can provide many benefits to you and/or your company.

We guarantee absolute honesty, integrity and confidentiality.

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