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Quarry, Construction and Agricultural Industry

PSCI Merit’s investigations surveillance techniques have been deployed over the past years in a wide scope for these industries where Covert Observation, Deployment and Man Monitoring of all Commercial Companies interests within the Construction Industry, Logistical Support and specifically for Quarry Companies and Agricultural Farming.

Survey of local area for the surveillance points to determine the location for the best line of sight to a specific area, so identification of target vehicles in and out of these locations, together with staff movement and deliveries can be evaluated.

  • Observations of Building and Construction posts.
  • Video surveillance and monitoring.
  • Access control.
  • Vehicle movement.
  • Logging and reporting.
  • CCTV video recording.
  • Weighbridge Monitoring.

All these aspects are needed to implement a full in depth investigation within these industries which are highly vulnerable and hazardous to investigate. All video evidence and recording equipment is hidden so not to arouse suspicion of any investigations or surveillance taking place. Continuous Video recording by remote deployment provides detailed reports on description of vehicles, vehicle registration and all movements, whether it is staff in vehicles or deliveries, or loss of goods.

  • Health and Safety: wearing of personal protection equipment.
  • Staff Misconduct and Inappropriate Behaviour.
  • Use/misuse of Equipment and Machinery.

We endeavour to do this as remotely as possible by deployment of covert camera or by remote location observation posts where PSCI Merit agents will be monitoring twenty four hours of the day.

We guarantee absolute honesty, integrity and confidentiality.

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