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We understand the needs of the legal profession and offer efficient, cost effective services. We have international capabilities with overseas associates.

Our wide range of services to the legal profession includes:

  • Process serving.
  • Trace - status and pre-sue enquiries.
  • Proofs of evidence/witness statements.
  • Character and financial investigation.
  • Pre-investment audits.
  • Bona fides of business concerns.
  • Audio and visual evidence gathering.
  • Locus reports.
  • Matrimonial and personal matters.
  • Surveillance of individuals.
  • Enquiry agent.

We comply with all current legislation and will under no circumstances put your reputation on the line by at risk methods of information gathering.

Process serving

A crucial part of litigation is to ensure that effective service of important documents is made, and that the service of process is accurately reported and duly sworn. All forms of process serving can be undertaken including civil litigation, industrial tribunals, arbitration hearings and proceedings in the Magistrates courts. Court papers will be arranged for the defendant and the papers will then be served to the defendant by hand via a process server. We at PSCI Merit are fully equipped to serve all kinds of court papers, such as injunction orders and affidavit. We will endeavour to serve papers within the timescale set by you whenever possible. We will also serve papers to those who have been a problem in the past and those who refuse to accept them. Investigations can also be carried out into all types of insurance claims. For example an employee or visitor to your company could claim to have been injured on your premises and seek litigation. By using surveillance methods, we at PSCI Merit can provide objective evidence to prove or disprove the incident.


Tracing is the use of investigative methods to locate an individual, asset or piece of information. We have access to a large number of databases which together with our expertise allows us to reach a successful conclusion.

There are three broad areas:

  • Individuals: Almost anyone can be traced given information, time and resources.
  • Assets: We can trace both liquid and physical assets and can track movement of assets anywhere in the world.
  • Information: We can locate and retrieve all kinds of information in a relatively short period of time.

We guarantee absolute honesty, integrity and confidentiality.

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International: +44 (0)7774 837 744