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General Public Sector

At PSCI Merit we are able to offer professional investigation services within a number of areas which include security consultation, internal fraud and theft, employment absenteeism and industrial injury.

Using the latest combination of surveillance technologies/techniques we are able to offer discreet services to not only domestic and personal cliental but also corporate and commercial. Domestic Surveillance involves monitoring the movements or affairs of a person or persons using a range of surveillance techniques to gather the necessary evidence to form an in-depth investigation. You can be assured that we at PSCI Merit will be professional, confidential and understanding in all services we offer as we appreciate employing the services of a private investigator can prove a daunting prospect for most people. We can assist in solving matrimonial problems, finding missing persons or finding an elusive piece of information, all designed to give you peace of mind. We will furnish you with a detailed written report on our investigation together with all of our surveillance findings and photographic video evidence.

Corporate commercial cliental may require investigative consultancy to aid its future and protect its assets from employee infringements. We can implement covert listening devices, the latest computer stealth monitoring and investigative surveillance, together with CCTV and covert camera installations. This enables us to remotely observe and capture information, identifying the loss of movement in specific individuals and location of activity loss areas. We achieve this by carrying out specific techniques specialising within our discreet surveillance observations.

Marriage Divorce Investigations

Deciding to have your partner or spouse investigated for cheating is a very painful decision to make. Our investigators will help you confirm or refute these suspicions. If your worst fear has come true we will provide you with detailed reports and evidence. Perhaps your partner is behaving unusually and you feel that something is “not quite right”. Have their routines/behaviour changed noticeably? Is there an air of disconcertion in your household? Do they spend more time on personal appearance? Is there increased use of their mobile? To be suspicious is one thing, but you need the evidence to support these suspicions. You need to be 100% sure of the facts before confronting and accusing your partner, otherwise you run the risk of falsely accusing your partner and destroying your relationship. PSCI Merit will help you evaluate and determine if there is indeed a problem within your household or relationship. These investigations are discreet and confidential. PSCI Merit are able to offer you the help to achieve the answers using electronic devices, audio, video, photography and tracking devices and ensure confidentiality at all times.

It is an emotional and stressful time but we at PSCI Merit have the experience to help you find the courage and conviction to proceed with the investigation of your partner or spouse. With the evidence gained we will provide proof with matrimonial or divorce investigation which can assist a client towards a more positive divorce settlement. In conclusion we can provide further confidential legal consultation and advice in all aspects of civil litigation.

We guarantee absolute honesty, integrity and confidentiality.

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