Corporate and commercial fraud investigated

Corporate and Commercial

Being prepared and able to identify potential causes of a crisis are key for any business to effectively manage the outcome. Agility, adaptability, flexibility, planning and competent leadership has proven to reduce the risk of a crisis evolving within any business. PSCI Merit will assist with this by offering detailed effective investigatory services, such as Risk Management leading to your organisation putting a contingency plan in place to combat the effects or prevent a crisis altogether.

If theft of goods, materials, information, and incorrect use of telephone, computers and prolonged unexplained absences/sickness is a major concern for your company, then PSCI Merit is able to carry out undercover investigations and surveillance. We can place one of our investigators within your company to gather information first-hand and collect evidence to formulate reports and recommendations.

There is no aspect of business that cannot be improved by good intelligence. In general organisations enter into arrangements such as investments, joint ventures or acquisitions and employ people in key positions without first checking the underlying facts. It is essential in today’s competitive markets that you have complete trust in the people you are dealing with.


Every hour of every day managers face the risk of being mislead or deceived by:

  • Subordinates and others who do not tell the whole truth.
  • Criminals and opportunists.
  • Bogus investment opportunities.
  • Business sales people who over inflate the benefits of goods and services.

PSCI Merit will:

  • Detect all forms of corporate fraud.
  • Investigate and resolve any suspicion of dishonesty. We will do this professionally and quietly.
  • Optimise and recover under Fidelity and Computer Crime Insurance.
  • Monitor and screen important commercial decisions, acquisitions, compliance and employment.
  • Ensure that entrepreneurial objectives are achieved.

The consequences of corporate fraud:

  • Primary financial loss.
  • Catastrophe.
  • Compliance and regulatory infringements.
  • Breaches of civil law resulting in litigation.
  • Ruinous publicity.
  • Personal damage to the careers of honest managers responsible for the areas concerned.

International fraud is growing exponentially, but criminals’ methods change very little. PSCI Merit’s services are based on a special understanding of fraud profiles and intelligence on current trends.

New technology has brought with it increased dangers. Ten years ago computer security could be solved by simple check lists and basic measures – not so today. Today there are so many specialist aspects to consider such as the internet, intranets, E-commerce, electronic data exchange, electronic funds transfer systems (EFTS) and smart cards. We at PSCI Merit have the expertise to resolve these issues.

Risk Analysis

Fraud, theft, crime and corporate malpractice are a small number of issues that affect businesses. It takes years to build a reputation but only minutes to destroy. Ill informed decisions and crime in the workplace can leave you exposed to threats both internally and externally.


Companies and organisations have systems in place designed to increase productivity. These systems can be exploited and increase the risk of serious problems. At PSCI Merit, we can perform a security audit to evaluate the potential hazards of your procedures and systems. Once this is complete we can compile a thorough report emphasising which areas need improvement and suggesting ways to implement these improvements, together with any necessary staff training.

Industrial Espionage

In today’s ever competitive marketplace industrial espionage is increasingly widespread, and conducted by employees, staff and directors alike. Whether the aim is to take secrets across to new/rival companies, or attempt to steal back the competition. We can check employee’s movements and associates to minimise risk to your business. Our investigators will assess your premises, equipment, wiring and communications systems to establish what types of surveillance devices could successfully be used to steal information. PSCI Merit will also carry out full forensic financial investigations which will determine if there has been any fixed assets moved, any deception.

We guarantee absolute honesty, integrity and confidentiality.

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