CCTV Systems , Remote Viewing and covert surveillance


Over recent years Closed Circuit Television has become a necessity in both the workplace and the home. It allows you to keep an eye on your business or home twenty four hours a day from anywhere in the world.

As a standalone security option or in conjunction with other security products and services, modern CCTV systems provide a useful source to gather information and act as a deterrent from intrusion, vandalism, theft and loitering. A wide range of external and internal systems are offered for covert and overt installations, incorporating modern technologies to suit all budgets. Cameras are available in mono, colour, daylight, low-light and infra red configurations.

The main purpose behind a CCTV system is security and surveillance. Businesses, banks casinos, shop keepers and home owners use CCTV to protect their property from anti-social behaviour and criminal activities. It is not only a visual deterrent but also an invaluable means to capture such activity.

At PSCI Merit we offer CCTV systems that range from simple analogues to highly developed digital systems such as, single cameras connected to a TV, or multiple cameras throughout the home or business premises. We are also able to connect these cameras to other security measures such as intruder alarms or access control systems.

PSCI Merit will carry out a full survey of your premises to ensure that your exact requirements are met and the most suitable system is installed.

Covert CCTV Specialist

We recognise the challenges that companies and individuals face and throughout our years of experience and expertise within the Covert CCTV Installations and remote monitoring and data intelligence, our solutions are designed to meet with your specific needs.

PSCI Merit Personal has successfully pioneered Covert Surveillance Techniques which have been used in a number of industries, not only at a commercial and corporate level but within a domestic/personal environment. Gathering intelligence and video evidence by an electronically installed communicational monitoring system, we can record onsite and be remotely monitored over a secure internet connection.

We are also able to offer other services such as:

  • Intruder Alarms
  • Security Lighting
  • Access Control
  • Fire Alarm Systems

Case Study

A large corporate transport company had dealings or losses of over £800.00 per calendar month, per depot over eight of its depots. Personal Security Consultants & Investigations (PSCI Merit) were given the task to implement an in depth investigation to establish at all of its depots the diesel shortages/losses. The company provided sketchy report data and information to proceed with the investigation. PSCI Merit surmised the best way forward would be to install covert CCTV recording and monitoring surveillance units at each depot to monitor their diesel tanks/pumps, and review its findings weekly. Whilst at the same time commence observational surveillance at key times throughout the day to oversee staff movement.

Following a four month surveillance operation our investigation identified a specific network of employees over the eight depots who were pilfering the diesel. In conclusion our investigation led to these employees being dismissed from the company and having criminal charges brought against them successfully with evidence gathered by PSCI Merit.

We guarantee absolute honesty, integrity and confidentiality.

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