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About PSCI Merit

PSCI Merit’s Senior Investigator completed seventeen years Police Service which included a considerable period in the Commercial Branch investigating corporate fraud.

There followed a term of employment with a leading London-based fraud investigation and intellectual property agency. Invariably working alone world-wide, both overtly and covertly, he successfully conducted in excess of four hundred cases embracing employee theft and fraud, insurance fraud, infringement of product and process patents, including product counterfeiting, industrial espionage and bribery and corruption.

He later moved to the Midlands specialising in the investigation of commercial and intellectual crime. He manages a team of experienced operatives skilled in forensic accountancy, detection of computer crime, audio/video technology and observation and surveillance.

By networking with Police, Forensic Agencies, In House Security Departments and Investigative Consultants home and overseas, PSCI Merit is able to provide a professional and comprehensive service in all aspects of criminal and civil litigation and disciplinary hearings.

PSCI Merit’s Operations Manager has completed over 14 years Military Service with over 10 years’ experience within a Reconnaissance Platoon serving both as an Infantry solider and Patrol Commander, and later serving within a Close Observation Platoon.

As Operations Manager for PSCI Merit over the past 6 years he has specialised in Covert Observations, Deployment and Man Monitoring of all Corporate and Commercial Companies within the Construction Industry, Logistical Support and in addition for Quarry Companies and Agricultural Farming.

Specialising in the monitoring of covert observation posts, with successful use of camouflage for the implementation of specialised covert cameras and recording devices. Our Operations Manager is able to transfer his skills gained from military service into the Security and Private Investigation Industry within rural areas, towns and inner cities. Observational posts are always determined through prior area reconnaissance to determine the correct location proposed for individual investigations whether it be in vehicles, static buildings, natural foliage or undergrowth.

Our Services

  • Man power surveillance/monitoring: this includes audio, video and photographic.
  • Electronic bugging and covert monitoring.
  • CCTV: advice, supply, installation and internet remote monitoring.
  • Corporate and commercial investigations: including company fraud and theft, personnel checks and monitoring, accidents, insurance fraud.
  • Tracking: vehicles and equipment.
  • Background checks: both companies and individuals.
  • Security risk assessment, support and consultancy.
  • Intellectual Property Infringements.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Tracing missing persons: searching for individuals in the UK or overseas.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Credit checks.
  • Process serving.
  • Security Surveys.

We guarantee absolute honesty, integrity and confidentiality.

Tel: 0121 288 1018
International: +44 (0)7774 837 744